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Moscrops has been serving the insurance needs of the local community and beyond for more than 120 years. Our clients include many local businesses – large and small – and we treat them all the same – with professionalism, with care, with pride.

We have a wealth of in-house technical expertise to ensure our clients get first-class advice, appropriate cover and our commitment to excellent service throughout the policy period. We build relationships based on trust, understanding and integrity and as a result the vast majority of our clients remain with us for many years and recommend us to their friends and associates.

Whatever your business activities, we’ll provide informed advice on all aspects of your commercial insurance programme including property, general liabilities, financial risks and motor. In recent years we’ve found that many of our new clients come from the construction, social welfare, agriculture and transportation sectors, resulting in a specialist focus in these specific areas.

To find out more about Moscrops or to talk through your insurance requirements, contact us.